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TSX Venture Exchange Notice – Bio 1 Inc Qualifying Transaction with Aurelian Resources Corporation Ltd


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June 20, 2003

I am pleased to report that today, in the TSX Venture Exchange Daily Bulletin for June 20, 2003, the Bio 1 Inc (“The Company”) Qualifying Transaction, as described in the Company’s Filing Statement (May 27, 2003), has been accepted. Other points in the bulletin are:

• Pursuant to an Acquisition Agreement the Company acquired all of the outstanding shares of Aurelian Resources Corporation Ltd. (‘Aurelian’)
• As part of the Company’s acquisition of Aurelian, it acquired all of Aurelian’s mining properties which consisted of 28 mostly contiguous mining concessions covering approximately 76,345 hectares in Ecuador.
• Pursuant to its resolution passed by shareholders on May 20, 2003, the Company has changed its name from Bio 1 Inc. to Aurelian Resources Inc.
• The company is classified as a gold exploration and mining company. As such, effective at the open June 23, 2003, the common shares of Aurelian Resources Inc. (“ARU”) will commence trading on the TSX Venture Exchange, and the common shares of Bio 1 Inc. (BYO.P) will be delisted.

More information about Aurelian Resources Inc. is available at the company website:

Best Regards,

Patrick Anderson
Aurelian Resources Inc.