Prize Mining Corporation

Prize Mining Corporation (TSX-V: PRZ) is a well-capitalized exploration company based in Canada. They offer near term production and growing resources on their balance sheet through the development of the Manto Negro Oxide Copper Project in Mexico, as well as drilling of increased gold ounces in Canada. They are a diversified company in bothcommodity and geography thereby reducing risk and offering investors the opportunity to gain on multiple fronts. Today, electric vehicles (EV) use 4 times more copper than traditional vehicles. All indicators point to Copper being poised to track the growth of the EV market. Experts predict strong demand & cost inflation to drive prices higher in the very near future. As well as being bullish on the near term prospects for copper, they are equally interested in the long term outlook for Gold. their Canadian project shows 481,000 ounces of gold indicated, with 1,318,000 ounces inferred and growing! Find out more about their approach to managing interests with a big picture outlook.

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