Forno Cultura

Forno Cultura is an authentic Italian bakery with alternative baking spaces which feeds the local community. Each Forno has its own function — the Union Station location specializes in biscotti, the original King West location is the main production house for bread, Forno Cultura on Queen is a recent outpost serving Italian cookies, bread, and coffee.

Forno was first established in 2013, in the neighbourhood of King West Village, by Andrea Mastrandrea – a trained architect hailing from a family of Italian bakers who set out to create a place in Toronto that would be more-than-just-a-bakery. And that is what it has become, offering expertly pulled espresso and artisanal breads but also serving as a place to visit, to run into neighbours, to have conversations. Mastrandrea had borrowed the model – and the recipes – from his Pugliese roots but situated his approach towards a contemporary vision.

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