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PowerOne has also worked with various clients in the Renewable Energy, Biotechnology and various other sectors.  We accept engagements with clients in these non-core sectors when we are confident that PowerOne directly, or through its international business network, can be a valuable partner and resource.

See below for more information on some of our distinguished clients in these other sectors and PowerOne and its principal’s involvement with these companies.

  • Akumin Inc. Akumin Inc.

    Akumin Inc. (TSX-V: AKU) is a leading provider of free-standing, fixed-site outpatient diagnostic imaging services in the United States with a network of 71 owned and/or operated imaging centres located in Florida, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Texas, Illinois and Kansas. By combining its clinical expertise with the latest advances in technology and information systems, the company's centres provide physicians with imaging capabilities to facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders and may reduce unnecessary invasive procedures, minimizing the cost and amount of care for patients. PowerOne was an early shareholder and works closely with management. PowerOne has also acted as finder for a US$3.5 million non-brokered financing in August 2015 and a US$5.6 million non-brokered financing in May 2016. PowerOne acted as co-lead agent for a US$10.5 million financing in March of 2017 and co-lead agent for a US$34.8 million financing in August of 2017.

  • Bedrocan Cannabis Corp. Bedrocan Cannabis Corp.

    Bedrocan BV has been producing and supplying pharmaceutical grade government regulated medical marijuana for 15 years. Bedrocan products are available under Medicinal Cannabis regulations in 7 countries globally. The PowerOne Group participated as a significant equity sponsor in the capitalization of the company as part of Bedrocan’s $4.4 million private placement in April 2014 for which PowerOne acted as Sole Agent. PowerOne also acted as Co-Agent for a $11.47 financing in July 2014; Financial Advisor in taking the Company public via an RTO with POCML 2 Inc., a PowerOne Sponsored CPC Vehicle on the TSX.V; and Co-Financial Advisor in its merger with Tweed Marijuana Inc. to become Canopy Growth Corp. (TSX-V: CGC), the largest public Medicinal Cannabis company in Canada. PowerOne was awarded the Private Capital Markets Association “Deal of the Year Award” for its various engagements with Bedrocan in 2014.
  • Buchanan Renewables Inc.

    Buchanan Renewables was a private company involved in development of biomass power generation in war torn Liberia. Buchanan's operations not only helped reestablish the economy in the area through the training and employment of over 1000 local inhabitants, it also worked with the farmers to repair their land, teach them to grow alternative cash crops and had repaired hundreds of miles roads to mention but a few of the ways the company assisted the local region. In 2008, Buchanan was acquired by The McCall MacBain Foundation, a Foundation started by Canadian billionaire John McCall MacBain to promote health and the environment in the developing world. PowerOne helped finance and advise Buchanan Renewables from its early stages, participating in a $9.5M financing, through to its eventual acquisition by the McCall MacBain Foundation.

  • MediPharm Labs Inc. MediPharm Labs Inc.

    MediPharm Labs Inc. is a pioneer in the cannabis industry; the first company in Canada to successfully achieve a Licensed Producer approval without first receiving a cannabis cultivation license. This focus on cannabis concretes allows MediPharm to work with its established, Health Canada approved, cultivation partners to produce pharmaceutical grade cannabis oil with a competitive advantage. PowerOne was finder and early investor in the company’s $3M financing in March 2018. MediPharm recently announced a go-public transaction into a PowerOne-sponsored CPC vehicle, concurrent with which PowerOne is acting as agent for a $15M financing.

  • Merus Labs Inc.

    Merus Labs Inc. is a specialty pharmaceutical company engaged in the acquisition and licensing of niche pharmaceutical products throughout North America. By capitalizing on its expertise of the North American pharmaceutical markets and access to capital, Merus is currently focused on building its portfolio of products. Merus strategically develops the sale and distribution of their product line by introducing a targeted re-launch marketing and promotional plan. PowerOne was instrumental in the creation of the company and has helped Merus raise over $100M in Debt and Equity since its inception.

  • Newstrike Inc. Newstrike Inc.

    Newstrike Inc. (TSX-V: HIP) is the owner of Up Cannabis Inc. Up Cannabis which has partnered with famed Canadian rock band The Tragically Hip to attain a unique position in the Canadian market place. PowerOne was an early investor in the company and was instrumental in identifying and facilitating the vehicle for the go-public transaction and introducing the company to other strategic investors. Newstrike recently completed a bought deal financing of $92M.

  • Sante Veritas Therapeutics Inc. Sante Veritas Therapeutics Inc.

    Sante Veritas Therapeutics Inc. (CSE: SV) is striving to be one of Canada’s premier producer of pharma-grade, innovative, market-informed, cannabis products developed through state of the art genetics and grow environments, balancing market responsiveness with efficient production capabilities. PowerOne was finder and early investor in the company’s $7.7M financing in February 2017 and Co-Agent in the company’s $16M financing in December 2017. Sante Veritas has also announced a merger with Baker Technologies Inc., Briteside Holdings LLC, and Sea Hunter to form Tilt Holdings Inc., expanding into the United States and forming one of the most comprehensive industry platforms.

  • Slang Worldwide Slang Worldwide

    Slang Worldwide is a Toronto-based company consolidating brands along the regulated supply chain in the global cannabis industry, building a world class portfolio of assets. The Company is focused on acquiring and developing market-proven regional brands, as well as creating new brands to meet the needs of cannabis consumers worldwide. PowerOne acted as co-agent in the company’s $16.7M financing in March 2018.

  • Tweed Inc.

    Tweed Inc. was the first publicly listed cannabis company in Canada and also the first to export cannabis flowers to Europe. PowerOne was an early investor and the financial advisor in their merger with Bedrocan to become Canopy Growth Corp. (TSX: WEED), the largest public medicinal cannabis company in Canada.