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Our Approach

PowerOne has a different approach to corporate finance than most firms involved in raising capital for junior and small/medium cap companies.  We believe these differences provide very distinct advantages to our clients.


We don’t try to be all things to all companies.  By focusing on a particular size of client and on specific industries, we have developed a recognized expertise among the investment community and as a result we are able to execute quickly and successfully. 


We run an entrepreneurial business, just like our clients.  Accordingly, we understand how they think, how they feel about their business and the challenges faced in growing their business.


Our team of professionals has extensive and varied business experience, including raising capital, mergers and acquisitions, planning for and managing growth, dealing with operational issues and planning and executing exit strategies.  Our multi-disciplined team also provides the strong technical, legal, accounting, taxation and other skill sets required to effectively structure a transaction and manage a business.


People, not organizations, make things happen.  Through our collective experience, we have created a vast network of relationships which we can bring to bear for each of our clients.  These contacts include respected sources of public and private financing, public market distribution, acquisition targets or potential acquirers, board and senior management candidates.

Long Term Relationships

Many firms involved in raising capital are project focused.  They look upon each transaction as a project with a very defined ending, and when it ends, they have little involvement with the company for which they have raised funds.  We are client focused.  We look at a financing as simply a step in the natural evolution of a company.  We strive to be part of that evolution, ensuring that each financing is well thought out, and facilitates continued growth.  For example, if we raise private equity as a prelude to a public offering, we ensure that the private investors are strategic to a public issue.  If we are involved in structuring a public offering, we stay on to consult with the newly public company to ensure that the right audience is listening to our client.  We truly see ourselves as a partner to our clients, not as simply a service provider; and we believe our clients feel similarly about their relationship with us.

We’re more than an Agent

To be a client of PowerOne, we must first believe in a company’s management and value proposition as we almost always invest as principals in any financing in which we are involved as agent.  This demonstrates to outside investors that we are confident in our client’s ability to succeed, and it closely aligns our interests with those of both our client and outside investors – long after the financing is complete, therefore providing for continued support into the future.