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PowerOne has worked with various clients in the Technology sector. This sectors are led by a group of highly experienced professionals with a track record of success. Our clients include various emerging leaders in Technology. PowerOne provides strategic value through our international network in addition to providing the necessary early stage capital to develop the business model.

See below for more information on some of our distinguished clients in the Technology sector and PowerOne and its principal's involvement with these companies.

  • Breaking Data Corp. Breaking Data Corp.

    Breaking Data Corp (formerly Sprylogics International Inc.) has developed a powerful mobile platform with proprietary IP in advanced search and analysis, intelligent infrastructure services, contextual content services, semantic and machine learning techniques. The platform allows the company to process, analyze and interpret unstructured data in real-time, in order to extract sentiment, facts, user interests and intent. On top of the platform, the company builds mobile applications focused on the search and discovery of news, products, places and people on mobile devices.

    PowerOne acted as an advisor and financier to Breaking Data on its 2013 restructuring and relaunch.

  • BSM Wireless

    BSM Wireless is a leading provider of fleet tracking, fleet maintenance and automated vehicle security systems providing real-time, web-based tracking of fleet assets. The vehicle telematics marketplace is an industry market segment growing at greater than 30 percent per annum, and currently has a less than 10 percent market penetration. BSM Wireless is a true End-to-End Solution Provider meaning it designs and manufactures all facets of their solution, Hardware and Software, providing industry leading flexible customizable solutions with the ability to configure and customize to clients unique business needs.

    PowerOne acted as Co-Agent on the $8.6M financing in February 2013.

    BSM Wireless trades on the TSX-V under the symbol “GPS”.

  • Engagement Labs

    Engagement Labs offers real-time social media data, analytics and insights for organizations that are actively engaging on social networks. With headquarters in Montreal, Canada, Engagement Labs also maintains offices in Toronto, Paris and Mexico.  Engagement Labs extracts business intelligence from user generated data (BIG DATA) and transform it into actionable intelligent data for corporate clients, brands and social media teams. We execute digital campaigns and optimize publishing initiatives to exploit the full capacity of our data analysis.

    The company’s tools and added value services are designed to support the entire social media marketing cycle. Engagement Labs offers marketers the data they want, and the insights they need. Engagement Labs is focused on social engagement, optimization and agility. It offers a targeted range of social strategies, customized engagement platforms and analytical tools to measure performance and ROI.

    Engagement Labs’ goal is to build collective intelligence and help brands become smarter social media marketers. Their evalue analytics module is an Intelligence Data on Demand platform for agencies, marketing teams and dashboard providers.

    PowerOne acted as co-Agent on Engagement Labs’ $6.07 Million financing in January 2014 and $4.3 Million financing in July of 2014.

    Engagement Labs trades on the TSX-V under the symbol “EL”.

  • GoldMoney Inc. GoldMoney Inc.

    GoldMoney is the first financial services platform built around gold as a currency, securely connecting vaulted gold to electronic payment networks that previously did not exist and offering broad distribution by harnessing the connectivity of a growing mobile-internet. With over $1.5 billion CAD in assets under vault management, GoldMoney is among the world’s largest private managers of precious metal assets, renowned for its innovation and integrity in the gold market. PowerOne acted as financial advisor to BitGold in conjunction with their merger to GoldMoney, concurrent $7M financing, and going public transaction in 2015. PowerOne also acted as financial advisor to GoldMoney in conjunction with a $36.64 bought deal in February 2016.

    PowerOne was awarded the 2015 Private Capital Markets Association “Corporate Finance Award” for its various engagements with GoldMoney/BitGold.

  • Keek Inc.

    Keek is a free online & mobile micro video social network that allows its users to share video status updates, called "keeks". Users can post keeks using a webcam or via the Keek mobile apps for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone. Keek was an early entrant into the rapidly growing video based social networking space. PowerOne was an early financier of Keek, assisting with financing for the very first Beta Version in 2011. As of August 2013, Keek has over 60 Million registered users from across the globe and is growing at a rapid pace.

  • Leonovus Inc.

    LeoNovus Inc., via its proprietary Dark Core Technology offers a unique technology to a diverse group of markets that require efficient processing, preservation, and accurate management of immense amounts of data with the benefit of significant energy and real-estate cost reductions, while at the same time offering companies and organizations within these markets the ability to create new revenue streams. Currently, LeoNovus has made inroads into the Internet, data center, hospitality, and health care markets. The LeoNovus Software platform also supports connected devices with access to all the features, content, and functionality available on the Web without the malware, security and support issues of a PC. The LeoNovus efficient "Dark Core" processing technology allows for full and efficient utilization of idle processors within and across LeoNovus-enabled hardware systems for purposes of delivering fast, secure, and cost-effective storage systems and compute capabilities for the enterprise. PowerOne acted as co-Agent on Leonovus' $2.4 Million financing in August 2013.

  • Patent Properties

    Patent Properties Inc., develops and commercializes the patent and other intellectual property assets created by Walker Digital, LLC, the research and development lab founded and led by internationally recognized inventor and entrepreneur Jay Walker. As of November 2014, Patent Properties intellectual portfolio include 401 Granted Patents, 60 Pending Patents, and currently in 31 litigation cases to defend its property.

    Patent Properties has also developed The United States Patent Utility. The U.S. Patent Utility is an advanced semantic search engine that identifies the needles in the patent haystack that are relevant to any individual business. Rather than assessing patent risk, licensing prospects and competitive analysis with expensive human legal experts, the Utility operates on a standard of statistical probability (much like is used the insurance industry) to find those patents that are most likely to hurt or help a company’s competitive position. This allows small and mid-sized firms that previously couldn’t otherwise afford much more than “doing nothing and hoping for the best” to affordably take a hands-on approach to dealing with patented technologies…and the risks and opportunities they present every business.

    PowerOne acted as co-Agent on the 11.6M financing in September 2013.

    Patent Properties trades on the Nasdaq under the symbol “PPRO”.

  • Posera HDX

    Posera-HDX Ltd. develops, deploys, and supports software solutions that facilitate all aspects of the business transaction between a restaurant and the restaurant's customer. Whether you require point-of-sale solutions, payment solutions, integrated digital video surveillance with POS data text insertion, labour scheduling, menu management and data mining, labour scheduling, enterprise management, or ATM's, Posera-HDX has a solution to suit your needs. Posera-HDX has deployed solutions in over twenty countries, with servicing offices in Canada, the United States, Europe, and the U.K.

    PowerOne acted as Co-Agent as part of the $1.2M financing in December 2013.

    Posera-HDX trades on the TSX-V under the symbol“HDX”.

  • ProntoForms

    Prontoforms helps businesses collect and connect field data faster by delivering structured information to the right people, at the right time, in the right place. Prontoforms is an easy to implement SaaS offering and powers over 30,000 users across 3000+ companies worldwide.

    PowerOne acted as co-Agent on the $1M financing in March 2014.

    Prontoforms trades on the TSX-V under the symbol “PFM”.