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At PowerOne, we work closely with client management to ensure optimal solutions are provided to maximize the potential for client success.  Our vast international network and successful track record provides our clients with access to strategic first-rate corporate, institutional and high net-worth individual investors.  In addition to facilitating the financing process, PowerOne’s reputation elevates our clients' profiles within the investment community and opens doors for future financial and operational support.

Each of our services is specifically tailored to every client as part of an overall growth strategy.  By ensuring that our multi-disciplined professional staff participates on all engagements, solutions and services are fully integrated and designed in contemplation of current and future corporate objectives.

PowerOne delivers superior service by working hands on with all our clients to:

  • Assist management in understanding their financial requirements as part of an overall growth strategy
  • Develop and implement tailored financial solutions, including
    • Private placement
    • Reverse takeover
    • Public listing
    • Bridge Financing
  • Negotiate transaction terms
  • Identify and introduce clients to strategic investors
  • Manage the due diligence process
  • Implement compliance documentation
  • Aid in compliance with regulatory and stock exchange requirements
  • Provide Bridge or Mezzanine financing where required

Finally, all engagements are planned, managed and completed to the highest professional standards and in respect of pertinent time considerations.